• MEMBER HOSTED EVENT: Bridging the Gap between Boards and Administration

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    Name: MEMBER HOSTED EVENT: Bridging the Gap between Boards and Administration
    Date: January 19, 2019
    Time: 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM MST
    Event Description:

    Helping Board Presidents/Chairs and Executive Directors of Non Profits work better-together!

    Who: BOTH Board Chair/President and the Executive Director/CEO to attend together. *Vice Presidents/Vice Chair are welcome to attend if there is a succession plan in place.

    Cost: Earlybird-$80 for each Non Profit, (Both the President and the ED attend together)
    $100 if the Vice attends, (in addition to the President and ED)
    After January 1, 2019-$100 and $125 respectfully
    **Coffee/Tea/Water and light snacks will be provided during the morning break
    Where: Leduc location to be finalized in early January via email (based on Early Bird registration numbers)

    Roles and Responsibilities
    What are the Roles & Responsibilities?

    • Board Structure: Management versus Governance (Bylaws and P&P)

    • Operations versus Governance: What tasks fall where?

    • Job descriptions: Board and Executive Director

    • The impact of good policy on ED/Board Chair relations

    • ED autonomy and limits to autonomy

    Board Chair and ED Relationship

    • How to build trust and mutual respect.

    • What does an appropriate relationship look and sound like?

    Supporting Staff

    • Board Chair as Liaison between the Board and Executive Director

    • What is the role of the Board Chair in supporting the Executive Director?

    • Performance Reviews: Effective ways for encouraging growth and change

    Managing Change and Sucession Planning

    • Transitioning between Board Chairs: Processes and Timelines

    • ED Absences (permanent or temporary): How the Board Chair can support the organizations.

    Effective Communication

    • How to encourage frank, effective, respectful dialogue between the ED and the board chair.

    • Conveying information between the board chair and ED (Emails, phone calls, texts and in-person): When is each appropriate?

    • Information sharing: What is the appropriate amount of information sharing between the ED and Board chair?

    • Meetings between ED and Board Chair: How often, what is discussed and why?

    Conflict Resolution

    • The role of the board chair and the role of the ED in organizational conflict management

    • Assessing and addressing significant organizational issues and concerns: Who steps in and when?

    • Conflict between the ED and Board Chair: How to mitigate the opportunity for conflict and address it appropriately when it does occur. When to involve the Board as a whole?

    Board Meetings & Open Discussion

    • The role of the Executive Director at Board Meetings

    • Board Reports: What information should it contain? How much detail versus how little?

    • In camera board conversations: What is appropriate and how should this be handled?

    • Providing direction versus dictating: What is appropriate discussion and dialogue between the Board and the ED?


    • Dawn Macdougall-Boys & Girls Club of Leduc Board President, Co Founding Partner at Next Level Consulting

    • Shawna Bissell, MA-Boys & Girls Club of Leduc Executive Director

    How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
    Yes! Please email info@nextlevelconsult.ca
    What's the refund policy?
    30 Days full refund
    Do both the ED/CEO and the Board President/Chair need to attend for one to attend?
    Yes! This seminar is specifically designed to put you BOTH on the SAME page. We hope to bring you together in objective and working relationship.

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