• Firefighters (paid on-call)

    Posted: 11/04/2020

    Now recruiting paid on-call firefighters

    Paid on-call firefighters provide fire and rescue services throughout Leduc County and in neighbouring communities. They respond to emergency calls including, but not limited to, residential, rural and industrial fire calls, vehicle collisions, and airport response.

    Leduc County Fire Services is now recruiting paid on-call firefighters in the Calmar, New Sarepta, Nisku and Thorsby fire districts. 

    Are you interested in becoming a paid on-call firefighter in Leduc County? Paid on-call firefighters respond to a variety of emergencies – including but not limited to residential, rural and industrial fire calls, vehicle collisions and airport response – and help keep our communities safe. As a firefighter, you'll receive professional-level National Fire Protection Association training at no personal financial cost and will gain valuable hands-on experience through training scenarios and emergency calls.


    Business Support Needed
    Support from business owners and self-employed individuals is essential to Leduc County Fire Services being able to respond to these emergency calls. We are asking you to support and encourage interested employees with your company to become paid on-call firefighters, and allow them to respond to emergencies during the work day.
    We realize this is a considerable request which might impact business operations; however, it is essential to ensuring we are able to protect people and property, like you and your business, in an emergency. Roughly half of all emergency calls occur during regular business hours and the average emergency call lasts just 75 minutes from the time the alarm rings to the time firefighters return to the fire station, which means firefighters could return to work shortly after. In addition, all training is scheduled in evenings and weekends to not interfere with regular business hours.

    To learn more about how you can support your staff in becoming paid on-call firefighters or to discuss the benefits to your business, contact Leduc County Fire Services at 780-955-7099 or erica@leduc-county.com.

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