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    Job Description

    Outdoor Play Specialist

    Leduc, AB
    Salary: $18.00 /hour

    The Outdoor Play Specialist is responsible for providing safe and developmentally appropriate, outdoor learning experiences, to supplement the existing preschool program, in accordance with all relevant legislation, policies and procedures, as well as upholding Jack and Jill Playschool’s Mission Statement. The Outdoor Play Specialist is responsible for fulfilling all requirements stated in the successful 2018 “Grants to Organization (GTO)” application.

    (The way that the position contributes to and impacts on the organization)

    The Outdoor Play Specialist will coordinate with the Senior Preschool Teacher in planning and implementing a program to teach young children. They must ensure the development and safety of all children in accordance with relevant federal, territorial and municipal legislation and policies. The Outdoor Play Specialist will be respectful of children and parents and ensure that equipment and facilities are kept clean, safe, and well maintained. Failure to provide adequate services may place children at risk. They will also provide the necessary documentation to satisfy the 2018 GTO grant submission.

    (Major responsibilities and target accomplishments expected of the position including the typical problems encountered in carrying out the responsibilities)

    1.) Develop and implement a developmentally appropriate preschool program for young children

    Main Activities:

    • Plan and implement activities to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of the children in the program
    • Provide adequate equipment and activities
    • Provide children with safe opportunities to explore the outdoors on a daily basis
    • Provide required documentation of successes and failures as outlined in the 2018 GTO grant submission.
    • Coordinate with and support the Senior Preschool Teacher to develop an engaging indoor and outdoor learning program
    • Be prepared to replace the Senior Preschool Teacher should she be absent from preschool
    • Develop culturally appropriate programs and activities (i.e.: recognized holidays)
    • Be familiar with current policies and procedures including discipline policy
    • Be familiar with and practice emergency procedures
    • Communicate needs, requirements or wants to the Senior Preschool Teacher

    2.) Curriculum and Instructional Requirements
    Main Activities:

    • Outdoor safety
    • Weather (English/French)
    • Dressing for the weather
    • Nature (English/French)
    • Age appropriate and ability appropriate physical activity/games
    • Free play/ Structured Play

    3.) Assist Senior Preschool teacher with her lesson plan in the following:

    • Arrival and Departure
    • Roll Call/Attendance
    • Name Recognition
    • Greeting to Students (English/French)
    • Colors (English/French)
    • Shapes (English/French)
    • Numbers/Counting (English/French)
    • Days of the week (English/French)
    • Calendar/Weather (English/French)
    • Alphabet/Letters (English/French)
    • Letter Practicing/Formatting
    • Rules of the classroom
    • Free Play/Structured Play
    • Snack Time
    • Songs (English/French)
    • Special Helper/Special Day Recognition
    • Birthday Recognition (English/French)
    • Any additional requirements as indicated by the Senior Preschool Teacher deemed necessary to the program’s success

    4.) Supervise children indoors and outdoors during Preschool
    Main Activities:

    • Ensure children are supervised at all times
    • Build children’s esteem and comfort children
    • Implement positive discipline, when required, as outlined in our discipline policy
    • Establish routines and provide positive guidance
    • Provide a safe and secure environment for children to feel comfortable
    • Clearly and effectively communicate in a manner that children understand
    • Observe children and note progress
    • Integrate children special needs in a positive and respectful manner
    • Document any incident as required under federal and provincial requirements, immediately after they occur

    5.) Communication with parents and members of the community
    Main Activities:

    • Discuss identified problems and needs with Senior Preschool Teacher and other professionals as appropriate/necessary
    • Promote literacy and early education
    • Establish and maintain good communication with children’s families and community agencies involved with children’s development
    • Engage roster parents to aid in the classroom duties
    • Work closely with the Executive Board to ensure effective communication between both parties
    • Be a positive representative of Jack and Jill Playschool and promote the school at public events

    6.) Maintain Program Administration
    Main Activities:

    • Provide Senior Preschool Teacher with monthly program updates, and as requested, to be communicated with the Governing Board
    • Provide program activities and schedules in a timely manner, and as requested by the Senior Preschool Teacher
    • Provide Senior Preschool Teacher with daily updates pertaining to outdoor program
    • Develop and maintain current, accurate, and confidential student files, such as teacher walking binder, accident, illness and medical forms
    • Ensure the equipment and facility are clean, well-maintained and safe at all times, such as discarding broken or missing pieces from toys, vacuuming of rugs/carpets, weekly cleaning of toilets, shovelling and de-icing of sidewalk
    • Monitor the program budget
    • Approval by the Executive board required for any purchase in excess of $250.00

    7.) Special Events and Community Involvement
    Main Activities:

    • Organization of all Special Events for the year such as, fieldtrips, Christmas concert, graduation, Planeview Manor, etc.
    • Purchasing of required materials for all Special Events
    • Communication of Special Events to Governing Board
    • Promote Jack and Jill Playschool and our community partners in a positive and supportive manner

    8.) Perform other related duties, as required

    The knowledge, skills and attitudes required for the satisfactory job performance

    • Child development and early education theories and practices
    • Safe and appropriate activities for children
    • Relevant legislation, policies and procedures to ensure that children are supervised and safe at all times

    The incumbent must demonstrate the following skills:

    • Team building skills
    • Supervisory skills
    • Analytical and problem solving skills
    • Decision making skills
    • Effective verbal and listening communication skills
    • Stress management skills
    • Time management skills
    • Teaching skills

    The incumbent must maintain strict confidentiality in performing the duties of outdoor play specialist, and must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:

    • Be respectful of children, parents and board members
    • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity
    • Be flexible
    • Demonstrate sound work ethics
    • Be consistent and fair
    • Be compassionate and understanding
    • Be able to build self-esteem while ensuring a safe and secure environment
    • Be willing and able to go outside in all weather conditions at all times

    The incumbent would normally attain the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for the position through completion of Level 1 childcare.

    (The unavoidable, extremely imposed conditions under which the work must be performed and which create hardship for the incumbent including the frequency and duration of occurrence of physical demands, environmental conditions, demands on one’s senses and mental demands)

    (The nature of physical effort leading to physical fatigue)

    Caring for children can be physically demanding. The Outdoor Play Specialist may be lifting and carrying children and equipment, and may spend time sitting on the floor/ground or child sized furniture. The Outdoor Play Specialist will be expected to clean and maintain equipment and facility, and may move throughout the community with children. The Outdoor Play Specialist may come in contact with children who are ill and/or contagious, and must take precautions to ensure health and safety of all children, parents, staff and themselves.

    (The nature of the adverse environment conditions affecting the incumbent)

    The Outdoor Play Specialist will be working in a busy and occasionally noisy environment. There may be a number of activities and situations happening at once, and the Outdoor Play Specialist will be responsible to supervise all children at all times.

    (The nature of demands on the incumbent’s senses)

    The Outdoor Play Specialist may experience smells associated with toileting and children who are ill, and be required to deal with the effects of the smells. There may be times that the environment is noisy and busy.

    (Conditions that may lead to mental or emotional fatigue)

    Caring for children can be stressful. The Outdoor Play Specialist must ensure that children are supervised at all times, and that children are involved in safe and appropriate activities. There may be a number of situations happening at once, and the Outdoor Play Specialist must be prepared to handle accidents and emergencies at any time.

    It is important that the Outdoor Play Specialist and Jack and Jill Playschool board maintain a positive and efficient relationship. Effective communication is expected in order to ensure a positive working environment for all involved. The Outdoor Play Specialist should feel supported in every endeavour, and any problems or concerns by the Outdoor Play Specialist should be brought to the attention of the Senior Preschool teacher, and/or board President immediately.

    Position Timeline: September - June

    Anticipated start date: September 3, 2019

    Monday - Friday : 6.5 Hours a day

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