• RV Park, Spray Park & Comfort Station Caretaker

    Village of Warburg
    Job Description
    The Village of Warburg is seeking an RV Park, Spray Park & Comfort Station Caretaker

    Job Description: for the General Operation and Caretaker Maintenance of the Warburg RV Park, Spray Park, to include for Comfort Station. 

    1) Description of Work
    To be responsible for the general operation and caretaker maintenance and cleaning of the RV Park, Spray Park, and the Comfort Station.

    2) Terms of Contact
    The term of this agreement will be 1 year/seasonal for the months that the Warburg RV Park is open.
    One RV site will be reserved for the Caretaker.
    Payment is based on 40% of revenues received from the RV park renters.

    3) Obligations of the Caretaker

    a) The Caretaker will be responsible to oversee the general operation of the Warburg RV Park, Spray Park and Comfort Station. 
    b) The Caretaker shall ensure all users are registered and that all users follow the RV Park Rules and liaise with the Village on any issues that may arise in a timely manner.
    c) The Caretaker shall collect payments from the self-registration kiosk, on a daily basis. 
    d) The Caretaker shall turn in a reconciliation of revenues collected and deliver payments to the Village Office on a weekly basis, or more if required. 
    e) The Caretaker will be responsible for providing janitorial services for the Comfort Station, on a daily basis, or as required including cleaning fixtures. In addition, the Caretaker will keep the Comfort Station stocked and advise the Village Office when additional cleaning supplies and stock is required. 
    f) The Caretaker shall be responsible to ensure that a campsite is cleared of any garbage or debris once the user has vacated the site in a timely manner. 
    g) The Caretaker will be responsible to inform the Village without delay of any damage or vandalism caused to the sites. 
    h) The Caretaker shall not enter into any agreements of any kind with users of the Warburg RV Park that any request for rental or any other arrangements must be referred to the Village. 
    i) The Caretaker will provide thirty (30) days written notice of their intention to cancel the agreement. 

    Please submit your letter of interest and/or resume to the Village of Warburg at Box 29, Warburg, AB T0C 2T0
    or fax to 780-848-2296
    email to village@warburg.ca
    or hand deliver to 5212-50 Avenue, Warburg, AB T0C 2T0.

    Should you have any questions you can call our office at 780-848-2841.
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