• STAR Catholic Substitute Teachers

    Posted: 02/21/2021

    Job Code: 2880714
    Closing Date: Ongoing
    School: All Schools
    Substitute Teacher Applications
    We are accepting applications for substitute teachers at all our schools.
    St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Schools partners with ApplyToEducation. We prefer all applicants create an online profile to successfully attach your application to this opportunity.
    Please note: Catholicity is not a requirement of Substitute Teachers, it is considered an asset.
    If you are interested in applying for a Substitute Teacher position, please create an online profile and apply to this posting with the following documents: 
    • Resume
    • Copy of a valid Alberta Teacher Certificate
    • Criminal Record Check completed in the last six (6) months. A Criminal Record Check can be request at your local police or RCMP detachment.
    • Intervention Record Check completed in the last six (6) months. Intervention Record Checks can be request at your local children's services branch. 
    • Teacher Qualification Statement (TQS)- Required if education exceeds 4 years.
    In order to apply to this posting, you must upload the required documents to the Supporting Documents section on your online profile and click the 'apply' button on this posting.
    How to apply to this posting:
    • Once you create your online profilego to Search Jobs in the Job Postings section
    • Click Search
    • On the next page, click on this posting
    • Scroll to the bottom of the posting and click the 'apply' button

    You will receive 3 confirmations once you submit your application:
    • A pop-up which indicates that you have successfully submitted your application to the job posting. The job posting will no longer appear in the 'Search Jobs' page in your account.
    • You will receive a confirmation email with the details of the job posting
    • The job posting will be listed on your Job Application Log in the Job Postings section in your account.
    Successful applicants will be notified of acceptance via mail or email. Along with your acceptance notice you will receive the following:
    • Instructions on how to activate your account within our automated dispatch system and on-line safety courses
    • New Employee Information Form: We require that a void cheque or photocopy of a cheque, or bank direct deposit pre-authorized form be attached
    • TD1 and TD1AB Personal Tax Credits Returns: Required as per government regulations
    • Form 140-2 Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement: Required for all staff
    *It is critical that you contact our office when you have changes to your information, or if you wish to be removed from our substitute teacher list at any time throughout the school year*
    A renewal form will be sent out prior to each new school year. Should you wish to remain on the substitute teacher list for the following year, you must apply to the posting on ApplyToEducation and upload your renewal form to your online profile by the indicated date.
    If you have questions or require assistance with this application process, please contact the Customer Care department at ApplyToEducation at 1877 900 5627 or info@applytoeducation.com

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