• TRAINING: Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

    Posted: 01/18/2020


    Employers: are you ready for RAP?
    Employers looking for fresh, eager employees will want to consider RAP apprentices. It’s a great way to ensure your employees are trained the right way from the beginning, and the flexibility of the program allows you to fill your schedules.

    See RAP brochure HERE

    Connect with STAR (St. Thomas Aquinas Roman) Catholic School Division today:
    Michelle Lamer michelle.lamer@starcatholic.ab.ca

    High school students interested in pursuing RAP need to follow these steps:
    Pick a trade:
    There are approximately 50 trades available in Alberta – find your match at tradesecrets.alberta.ca!
    No matter what your interests are – carpentry, construction, mechanics, welding, cooking – there is a trade for you.

    Find an employer:
    The next step is to find an employer to hire and train you as a RAP apprentice. Your school counsellor, local RAP coordinator or Apprenticeship and Industry Training office can help you.

    Fill out the forms:
    Complete the online RAP apprenticeship application at tradesecrets.alberta.ca.
    Once you submit your application, your employer will be sent an email with instructions to access your application for confirmation of your RAP apprenticeship. If your school doesn’t offer RAP, contact Apprenticeship and Industry Training for information on how you can become a RAP apprentice.


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