• Curatorial Volunteer

    Posted: 08/15/2020

    Role: Help support us in developing our exhibitions.

    Skills Required: Ability to do research effectively, interest in visual storytelling, attention to detail and ability to work independently and organize your time. Desired, but not mandatory: Experience with galleries or museums. Degree toward Museum Studies, Curatorial Work, Classics and other Arts based background.

    Time Commitment: Ideally, once - two days a week (same day each week preferred). Between 11 am – 4 pm. 

    Why is this position for you:

    • You enjoy going to the museum and/or art gallery and seeing the latest exhibitions. You love storytelling, and want to learn how to create stories through exhibitions.

    • You want to work in the competitive industry of museums and art galleries and you need to build up your resume/CV.

    What skills you gain: Meeting deadlines, attention management, focused research, communication verbally and written. You will help develop an exhibition from start to finish (ideally) so there will be a lot of other skills you will gain through the process. In addition, you will be mentored by your supervisor in a safe environment where you can learn and make mistakes with no judgment.



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