• Social Media Volunteer

    Posted: 08/09/2020

    Social Media Volunteer

    Role: Manage our social media by creating and uploading posts.

    Skills Required: Experience with Facebook and Instagram. Knowledge and use of Instagram apps. Ability to work independently. 

    Time Commitment: Ideally, once - two days a week (same day each week preferred). Between 11 am – 4 pm.

    Why is this position for you:

    • You know social media and/or digital marketing is where you want to work in and you want to build your resume.

    • You have interest in marketing, but want to test it out.

    • You like social media, but want to learn about it’s applications.?

    What skills you gain:

    • You’ll learn how to communicate and market to an targeted audience through social media.

    • You’ll learn about the various applications and app’s that go with developing a targeted social media campaign.


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