• Volunteer Assistant to the Executive Director

    Posted: 08/09/2020

    Volunteer Assistant to the Executive Director

    Role: Support the ED in back-end development of Zyp Art Gallery.

    Skills Required: Ability to have work delegated to them. Ability to clarify instructions (ask questions). Attention to detail. Ability to work independently. Someone who can take initiative.

    Time Commitment: Ideally, once a week (same day each week preferred). Between 10 am – 4 pm (Flexible/short shifts available). 

    Why is this position for you:

    • You’re not sure what parts of an organization interests you, and want an opportunity to try multiple hats. This position offers that variety to try out different roles.

    • You don’t know where your interest lie and need a place you can figure that out. The variety of the role will allow you to see what sings out to you.

    • You plan to work in an organization with the goal to be upper management. The work of an Executive Direct involves running the organization. The skills you gain as an assistant will help build you resume.

    What skills do you gain:

    • Because you will be dipping your toes in all aspects of an organisation, you will gain a basic understanding of the 5 main departments within an organization: Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR and IT.

    • You will learn to work effectively and with minimum supervision.

    • Time management and attention to detail is a key desire within all organization. You will build this skill set in a mentored environment.


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