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    The result of the combined passions and experiences of Sandra and Walter Ulickij, It’s A Crock Country Home Décor store is driven by the promise to provide a unique shopping experience that will make customers feel like family and make their homes beautiful.

    Walter and Sandra moved to Alberta in 1999 and brought their passion for country décor with them. Walter originally hails from the Ottawa Valley and grew up in an 1840's colonial stone home. He spent his childhood and youth renovating similar vintage homes in his neighborhood. Later in life, he evolved his carpentry skills from renovating structures to building furniture that would fill these spaces. Sandra's roots are in southwestern Ontario – another haven for country and Victorian décor. She always had an eye for country decorating and was somewhat in withdrawal after moving west and finding so little to satisfy her passion. She took her drive and discipline from a lifetime of competitive figure skating and coaching and applied it to building the best country shopping experience possible.


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