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    You'll find Gus Jenke's Bison Farm (Maple Hill Bison Farm) on the East end of Leduc County. He has been raising Bison for 20+ years and is a wealth of knowledge.

    FARM DIRECT SALES (Provincially Inspected)
    Gus is passionate about his work and is open to conversations and questions about his Grass Fed Bison as a great source of protein. If you haven't purchased direct from a farmer before, don't hesitate to give Gus a call to learn how!

    Gus has had visitors to his farm from across the globe, noting that he guarantees a 'Bison sighting'.

    Over the years, Gus has been able to offer dog bones, soup bones, hides & bison down - let him know if you're interested in something beyond meat.

    Did you know that Bison are naturally occurring hypoallergenic animals?

    Did you know Bison can run faster than a horse and can jump 5ft?

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