The Leduc Regional Chamber of Commerce is “In business for business” and we strive to be regarded and respected as the proactive business voice and leader of our region. One of the top priorities of the Chamber is to advocate for our businesses to support economic growth so our members can thrive.


    Our Work

    The Leduc Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Policy Committee plays a role of advocacy on behalf of its business members in the community. As well, the Chamber works with business and government to develop and implement policies designed to ensure the Leduc region provides an atmosphere that is conducive to business and sustainable community growth. The objective of the Business Policy Committee is to work with and on behalf of the Chamber Board and its members to identify issues or barriers to growth for the members and develop strategies through which to address and resolve identified issues or barriers.


    Policy Development

    Policy Development Process

    In our continued effort to gain insight and input, we request your assistance in clearly defining issues or barriers that affect businesses in our region. Issues can be municipal, provincial or federal in nature. Please take a moment to fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you.

  • Policy Committee


    Are you passionate about business, the economy and influencing legislative change? Join the policy committee! Policy committee volunteers’ work together to identify gaps in legislation and tackle emerging business issues, make recommendations for change, and meet with government leaders and policy makers to advocate on behalf of business.


    Policy Issues & Projects


    •    Alberta Chamber of Commerce (ACC) Health Policy Working Group:
    Our Chamber rep, Cheryl Robbins, worked with the St Albert Chamber on the development of a new policy regarding Nurse Practitioners.  This policy was submitted to the ACC and was adopted at the ACC AGM policy session in May.

    •    City of Leduc Taxi Bylaw:
    The Chamber and taxi industry reps were members of the Taxi Regulation Advisory Group that was established to review and update the Taxi Regulation Bylaw. The Chamber appreciated the opportunity to be a member of the Advisory Group and provide input.  We thank the taxi industry reps, Sunrise and Easy Ride Taxis, for their dedication and valuable input to this committee.  We applaud the patience that the industry has shown as this process slowly moved forward. See letter from Sunrise Taxi

    The process began in November 2011 with City Administration attempting to have Council passage of a flawed and inconsistent bylaw.  Over 18 months later a revised bylaw went back to Council for 2nd and 3rd readings.   Reps from the Advisory Committee did not attend the Council meeting when the Bylaw was presented and passed as unfortunately the group was not advised when the Bylaw would go to Council.

    The revised bylaw has addressed most of the key issues that were raised by the Chamber in our initial submission and presentation to Council.  We did, however, still have concerns - the inconsistency and uncertainty has not been satisfactorily resolved.  The bylaw is required to regulate the business and to promote cooperative and healthy business competition with a level playing field.  Additionally, the Chamber has advocated that enforcement of the bylaw is a must and a key element.

    •    City of Leduc Snow Dump:
    Last winter, numerous trucking, snow-removal and construction companies affected by the limited availability of snow dumpsites within the City of Leduc approached the Chamber.  This limited availability created a significant problem and predicament for City businesses. It impacting on how businesses could operate and do business in our community: from restricted parking to the inability or limited access to storage yards and sites that have regulations that restrict the piling of snow.  Safety hazards, environmental factors, and the potential for excessive spring snowmelt into the City storm water drainage systems were major effects of this situation.  The Chamber, on behalf of the City businesses, worked with the City on a possible resolution but was unsuccessful.  The Chamber will continue to pursue this issue for the next snow season.

    •    Municipal Government Act (MGA) Review
    When the current version of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) came into effect in 1995, it was widely regarded as a model piece of legislation in Canada. Compared to previous statutes, the “new” MGA gave municipalities a much greater degree of autonomy and flexibility to carry out their roles and responsibilities in ways that best met the needs of their residents. In an overall sense, the MGA has served Albertans well for the past 17 years. However, in the time that has passed since its adoption, many proposals have come forward for changes to the act, new concepts have emerged relative to governance and financial relationships, and suggestions have been made to streamline and reorganize the act for improved clarity, consistency, and ease of use. The Province has determined it is time for a comprehensive review of the Act. 

    The purpose of the MGA Review is to work in consultation with stakeholders to look at the Act closely, update and revamp its provisions as necessary, and subsequently introduce a leading-edge piece of legislation that will serve municipalities well in the decades to come.  The Review will focus on four broad themes: governance; property assessment and taxation; planning and development; and general items.

    The President and CEO, Alberta Chamber of Commerce has been invited to sit as a member of the Municipal Affairs Advisory Committee.  The Alberta Chamber of Commerce has formed a Task Force; Leduc is a member, to act as an effective voice of business to provide advice, guidance and recommendations to this review.  The Govt of Alberta (GOA) meetings continue and are reviewing the Policy Discussion Papers.  An extensive consultation process with municipalities, businesses, and other interest groups will occur later this year and into next.
    •    Potential impact of Canadian anti-spam legislation (CASL)
    A letter was sent to Industry Canada, info CCC, ACC and our MPs, stating our concerns with this legislation.  A good number of responses were received from our members and were included in the letter to the MPs.
    MP James Rajotte and his Communications advisor have met with an Industry Canada Policy Advisor regarding the Chamber’s comments as well as the anti-spam legislation more generally.  Responses and submissions are being reviewed.

    •    The Economic Potential of Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) in Canada
    As a result of a meeting with the Edmonton International Airport (EIA), Commercial Development and the ACC, an extensive review was conducted to develop a potential revised policy submission to the ACC.  The EIA and Policy Committee spent a lot of time and efforts creating a policy paper.  The Chamber Board in February noted the work that went into the document and decided to accept the paper as an educational piece for businesses to better understand the impact of FTZs.  The Chamber will continue to work with the EIA, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters and businesses.  Foreign Trade Zone Policy

    •    The Food Processing Development Centre gained access to Minister Ritz at a Farmer's Round Table Discussion with MP James Rajotte, hosted by the Leduc Regional Chamber of Commerce. The result: the Japanese market  was opened to value-added Canadian pork.  See News Update

    •    The Leduc Regional Chamber of Commerce along with the Alberta Chambers of Commerce believe the Temporary Foreign Worker Program reforms announced on April 29, put the competitiveness of Alberta business at risk.

    See The Federal Government's Proposed Reforms to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

    See Comments and Recommendations related to proposed changes from Alberta Chambers of Commerce 

    On June 3, the Leduc Regional Chamber of Commerce was proud to host Member of Parliament James Rajotte and special guest, Parliamentary Secretary for Human Resources & Skills Development Canada, Kellie Leitch, for a Temporary Foreign Worker Roundtable.

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